If you ever felt this scared

At school, i had my locker unlocked. I went to swim practice, someone took my computer as a joke, then someone else locked my locker so they couldnt put it back, they didnt leave a note.

i just wet myself.

jokes arent funny.

I remember the time Jubba (or was it rev, one of those cali’s) said they parked their car in a parking lot cna couldn’t find it for hours because they forgot what kinda car it was since it was a rental.

one time, a few years ago, i was visiting friends in montreal. i was leaving for home, at about 10 o clock PM to go 7 hours south to NJ (don’t ask, i had too much caffine that night), and i was all packed, it’s snowing like the dickens, and i go bring my luggage to my car. but my car was gone. now, everyone in that damm city speaks french, or at least the people who RUN the city, mainly, the law, the govornment, the car towing people, blah blah blah. well, my FRIEND didnt have a car, so after spending like 3 hours on the phone trying to find my car, we had to walk like 5 miles to find it. and of course, i was wearing heels, because we had had a nice dinner, and i didn’t bother to change since all my stuff was packed, and my friend THOUGHT that the place was only a few blocks. so we finally GET to the place, and they want 100$ to get my car back. now, i was supposed to leave that day, so i opnly had like 10$ canadian, and they woudlnt accept american money. so i had to BORROW money from my friend. now, he didnt have any cash either, so he had to go to an ATM. well, the atm was a LONG way away, and i couldnt walk anymore cuz i was spent, so he offered me to wait there and hed come back. well, the **** tow people wouldnt let me wait inside, so not only was i getting snowed on, and wearing heels, and cold, and lonely, and pissed, but this drunk chinese dude and his quebequois friend approash me. they are plastered. they want to touch the heiny. after trying to REASON with the arseholes, (even though the only things i can say in french were ‘im sorry’, ‘how much is it’, and somethign real dirty that i cant repeat) i TRY to convey to the dumbases to get the heck away from me or else. well, finally, my friend was just rounding the corner, and i finally had enough to stand up real tall and yell in their faces real loud. the one dude almost puked, and the other was busy gettign otu of the way. anyway, then my friend came and argued with them and then they left.
then i finally got my car and drove home. or started to. until i got lost in the burbs of Quebec, where finding anything in english (spoecially int he middle of the night) is near impossible. and all the candians have awesome snow tires, so they are going like 90 ont he highways, and im goin all slow, cuz this was before i got my jeep. anyway, i got home at 4:00 the next afternoon. and then i couldn’t even sleep.

Ahh good ol’Montreal :love:

From Quebec with Love?

Anyway Midipi, if thats as scared as you ever will be consider yourself lucky!

damm, i wish you were there sam

I hate those things. I always get this weird feeling in my stomach when those things happens, kinda like my guts are floating :stuck_out_tongue:

These things happen to me all the time. Probably because I forget wat was told to me one minute ago :stuck_out_tongue: :

So let’s say I’m at school excursion. Everybody marching with a backpack, everythings fine. Suddenly, at a totally random time, I get that feeling: “Oh ****, where’s my backpack ???”. I mostly end up feeling like a retard 'cause I’m carrying it on my back. Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

damm, i wish you were there sam

'course you do red, 'course you do … :cowboy:


Whenever I get paranoid of afriad or something along those lines I always feel detatched as if my concious life ended and it’s someone else’s problem now. Of course, this is after the first pangs of realisation and the shudders after every sequential failed attempt to rectify things. That’s why I always keep physical contact with any personal belongings I bring out of my house… and hold onto my backpack strap so I know it’s there.