Scene change!

ok, so i have a few scenes that run all together by clickin on a button to get to the next scenes. instead of the next scenes coming and going super fast, i want to have some neat type of animation that string them all together when you want to get to the next scene. if you guys have any ideas then please post them! im not great at actionscript at all so i dont think i could do anything on my own! your help is greatly appreciated!


Create the scene closing animation at the end of your current scene, then the scene opening animation at the beginning of the next scene.

Or just create the closing and opening animation at the beginning of the scene.

so how would i make that work after i click the button heading to the next scene? sorry if im making this more complicated than it is

Create a stop action right before your scene out animation.

If you know how to use frame labels, label your scene out animation frame(s) as “out”. Then have your button be on the frames before the out animation. On the button, apply these actions…

on (release){

It should be something along those lines.

ok, ive got the animation thing down. but i have multiple buttons leading to different scenes. so when i apply the code that you gave me, it just leads to the next scene in line, which is the wrong scene. is there anyway to fix this?

You could do the much simpler thing and use loadMovie instead of scenes.

Are you using Flash MX or Flash 5?

Just to save time… If you are using Flash MX, Kirupa wrote a tutorial on how to create a full site. His method uses loadMovie, which is a method I highly recommend using over scenes. If you use Flash 5, well you might still be able to get the tutorial to work, I don’t know, I use MX.

yeah im using flash mx. ive checked out kirupa’s tutorial on that and i never quite understood it. i did everything he said to do and i might have done a little mistake or something but it never seems to turn out right.