Scene fade in and out

Hi guys, any idea to make scene fade in and out 1 another? I’d make a movie in scene 1 and 2. from scene 1 to scene 2, i want to make the scene fade in 1 another. I dun think alpha works that way. perhaps actionscript does? pls help me.

Tween something like a square, of the same color as the back ground, at the end of each scene, and at the beginning of each scene. If you set it up correctly it might duplicate the effect your talking about.

There is no way of having one scene actually fade into another scene though… If you want them to fade like that, you’d probebly have to set up movie clips instead of scenes that contained the material… then control those movie clips through either tweening or a/s.

Got to agree with previous post, I will add that making the adding a tweened alpha’d rectangle the same size as the movie (fading out) in addition to the same (fading in) on the first frame of the next movie makes it smoother. Put the movies on different levels and preload the second movie before the first movie ends. Put the second movie on a higher level than the first. Have second movie start when the first movie starts to tween out and make both the fade out and fade in tweens the same length. Then you will see a very smooth transition.