School Blues

Anyone esle have this weird feeling to go back to school right now for some reason i do

Is this normal?

Isn’t it a little early to be going back to school?

I think he meant he wanted to go back.

Are you that bored with the forums that you can’t wait to get back to school? :A+:

Anyway… I’m done with school, or at least high school.

You got to be joking man. I have to go back to school on Monday. Its alright I guess but whats really dreading me is going back to face maths work. This also means no time for playing around with photoshop and so forth. Im going to miss the live chat with ashlee as well! :m:

Wait… Theirs girls in the cat room???

And I miss high school. I’d like to go back for another year, but maybe just 1.

who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?

I’ve finished hi school and I ain’t going back. Bunch of pimpled tards…

umm… no

who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?who’s ashlee ?

ashlee simpson :slight_smile:

yeah actually I take it back, in my school we had both middle school and high school. Believe me it sucks big time.

Wow… we still have a little over a month of our vacation left. Where do you live?

Yeldarb - Sydney Central. At least that is what minimal’s location thing says :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have about 1.5 months left, but I am really enjoying staying at home and playing games, watching TV, and other normal stuff that I won’t have time for once I go back :m:

Ken Jennings better lose on Jeopardy before I go back though :stuck_out_tongue:

yaa, i have about 1 and a half months of summer left too, although next year will be pretty sweet, it’s grade 12 and we’re going to own that school. our grade did last year nevermind, and we were only grade 11 then. School sux if it’s not for friends, they make school all worth while. :smiley:

Eh… I actually love school. I don’t have a summer anymore 'cause I take Distance Ed courses whenever I’m off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in high school, I used to get that “back-to-school” feeling around the 2nd week of July. Hey, that’s about now. You’re like me. :slight_smile: