|Screen Names|

I know a lot of BBs have this. thought this one should 2. I’ll start by giving my Sns.

AIM: crazy flash pie

MSN: [email protected]

if u want to share yours it would be kewl

Hi, well i’m usually online but i’m probably playing a game, but drop me a word or 2 on anything that you want to talk about :).

AIM : tekkaman2

i hardly use msn or icq so wouldn’t do much to give it away

well if theres any point but mine is

[email protected]

AIM: Mikeylkzt

Drop me a line if anyone’s online.


[email protected]

I added the MSN-ones…but time’s different in France :slight_smile:

AIM: R30Buff
MSN: R30Buff
Yahoo: R30Buff
ICQ: 58683956

lol R30buff :slight_smile:

AIM:<a href=aim:GoIM?ScreenName=MeTHoDaN48&message=HI!>MeTHoDaN48</a>
e-mail:<a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a>

tyte sig, dan!

AIM - XxX eRaver XxX / B74CK3N3D 5UN

thanx bro, you too!
And sorry for my .swf being so **** big (file size) I am gonna have to take out the swift action and make a wacom rendered logo.

guys, downloaded AIM (thanx 4 the advice, tdf & vts…), name’s eyezbergflash (who stole eyezberg!!!) :frowning:
c ya there…

E-Mail : [email protected]