Screwed colour

hey ive just formattted my pc and the colour is wank when i put it into 16bit or 32bit the screen flickers like a crazy banshee, any ideas wot i can do im on a via chipset, mvp4 i think


p.s its hell im in 256clours at the moment

Hehe wank is a funny word :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

well yeh it is rather humourous

its knaw backwards :beam:
[size=1]not to be confused with gnaw[/size]

well i never thought of it like that, i think more of masturbation when i think of that

i know when i formatted my pc, the old piece of **** i had before my current computer, the computer put me into safe mode.

yeh i fixed it now it was the monitor driver i needed to get the correct colour profiles for it