Script error in the browser

i just finished a web site…works perfectly on the flash player, on the browser preview…but when i upload it says something like:
“This page contains a script that is causing Macromedia Flash Player 6 to run slowly. Do you wanto to abort the script?”

any idea?
here’s the link:

i’ll appreciate any help…thanx!


sorry…i think i mistyped it:

<img src= ALT=":">


i couldn’t get the link both times :frowning:

ok…here’s definitely it:



<img src= ALT=":">

I did look, and I see what you mean I just can’t think of an answer… Have you tryed debugging the movie?

well i went to “debug movie” and it showed nothing…

it’s weird 'cuz in my machine it works perfectly…

any idea???
<img src= ALT=":">

If you don’t tell us how your script works, there’s no way we can tell you what’s wrong…

pom 0]

There is probably an infinite loop somewhere in the code for your preloader, but that should be found when you test the preloader using Flash. Check the FLA and check the preloader, make suer there is no loop.

and how do i know that?
here’s the script:



what is in Frame 3?

in frame 3 are every movie,background,button that i have in my page…not in the same layer of course…
and in the layer where the loadingaction is there’s a stop…just like the tutorial you referred me jubba…

<img src= ALT=":">


can you post the FLA I can take a look at it.



there’s it…tell me what ya think…


ok, so wheres the preloader?

???’s there…isn’t it?

do u have a quick and easy code for preloading?..something VERY easy and quick…i have to take this web page out tomorrow…i tried the iframesloaded one and it didn’t worked…i uploaded the new version…plz check it out…tell me if it’s too slow or something…



no there was no preloader in the FLA you sent me, but now it works fine in my browser. Looks good.

looks good?..isn’t it too large?
i used the tutorial you referred me to…
i just erased it cuz the error didn’t allow anyone to see the site…at least it is up and running now…the client is fairly happy with it… the only prob is that i don’t have the preloader which is pretty important…the other problem is that it is too slow…the text makes it extremely slow…i uploaded it w/o the text and is amazingly faster…do u have any idea about why is that happening?

i really appreciate your help…i’m not going to get paid though but darn i learned a lot…


the text causes it to slow down cuz its a lot of information to handle. You could try using loadMovie instead of the fading in and out. But I’m still not clear about that, so someone else might know.

Basically you make each part into a different SWF file and when the button is pressed tell an empty movieclip to load that swf and when another button is pressed, tell that movie clip to unload and another to load.

yeah i thought so too…lazy finishes doing the work(x3)…i thought that it would be easier like this…it’s not…
but that’s ok…the client is happy…did the load bar worked in your comp?

i really appreciate everyhing…i’ll never finish thanking you…:wink: