Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble getting an certain effect to work. I want to have something similar to the old 2advanced site what I’m trying to achieve is when a button is clicked I want a external swf to load in to main movie clip but while its loading I want these two doors to come in over whats loading behind the doors and stay there until the external movie is done loading. When the movie is loaded I want the doors to then open again! This is my code on the button.
on (release) {
loadMovie (“members.swf”, “membersload”);
_root.introclip.membersload._x = -325;
_root.introclip.membersload._y = -179;
_root.introclip.membersload._yscale = 86;
loaded = _root.introclip.membersload.getBytesLoaded();
total = _root.introclip.membersload.getBytesTotal();
if (loaded == total) {
} else if (loaded < total) {
if anyone could help it would be great!