Scroll a form using the scroll pane

Hey Y’all,

I’m having a pblm. displaying Input boxes and labels within the scroll pane component… The pblm with the text is that it isn’t visible, and the input boxes scroll, but aren’t masked within the pane. I found a site in which this issue was addresed, (an .fla was even posted)

I d/l the .fla to take a closer look, and to my dismay when published the text and components still appear to be “drunk” , the components are outside the box and the text is invisible… I tried it on two machines and I still get the same error? Does anyone have any knowledge of this???

(All I really want to do is scroll an already built form… can anyone help)
keep on contact, Romeo


I encountered the same problem and haven’t found any solution either!

This seems to be some kind of scrollpane bug. When using textfields they don’t stay within the content area of the scrollpane, and the only way i figured out to solve this was to build my own masks. :puzzled:

Btw, the scrollpane component gives me the heebie-jeebies for many other reasons, like having to embedd fonts for dynamic text and not being able to simply adress any mc within the content. (Or does anyone have an answer to any of these issues??)

I think building your own scrollpane is way more efficient than using this f***ing component…