Scroll Pane Behaving Badly


I have a scroll pane that is not behaving well.
The content for the scroll pane is a MC called “text” which contains 5 dynamic text boxes. The problem is, when published, the contents of the scroll pane are visible outside the boundries of the scroll pane component.

I have put the 5 text fields inside a MC so I can keep the colums in line as I have not been able to do this in a normal dynamic text field.

Can anybody help please?

You can put a mask over the scroller, it will only show the part of the text that you want. But if you use this, don’t forget to embed your fonts !
:slight_smile: Ubik

Thanks Ubik

I tried that but it didnt work.
Just made all the text dissapear

Here you go, look at my file, maybe you didn’t embed you fonts that’s why the text dissapear

Thanks Ubik

Yes thats exactly what I didn’t do. I went back and read the help files with a bit more care.