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Hello I having problems with my scroll bar. The way I’m using it is that I have some links that are outside flash in notepad. So I put a Dynamic box where I put the scroll bar from the components in Flash MX, now, when I load it on my site the scroll bar is not there so I click on another menu and come back to the one I click before and the scroll bar appears. In other words if I want the scroll bar to work I have to get out of the menu and then come back to it and it will work fine. Is there a form where the scroll bar is there all the time?
Somebody please help, I need to fix this problem.
Thank you.


Can you create a sample with your problem and upload it so that I can take a look??? :wink:

well you can go to the web site it’s and click on insurance information then click at the bottom where it says ***Check our terms and conditions and you will see that scroll bar is not working but if you get out of that menu and go back in it will work. Let me know if you can get to that.

Yes… I do see that happening… I also do not see the screen that goes with ‘Insurance Information’ on the first click… I had to click on ‘Services’ and go back to ‘Insurance Information’ to see what’s in there… Well… Without seeing what you have in there, there isn’t much thing I can actually do to help you though… :sleep:

that is weird because I can click on insurance information and I can see what’s in there and I have try from another computers and I can see it too. There is not much action inside since what is bringing is a dynamic text and then I just drag the scroll bar to the dynamic text. So my problem is why the scroll bar doesn’t stay at all?

Well… As I was saying, I don’t know why I don’t see the scroller without seeing what you have there… Try to create a small sample file which recreates the problem and post it…

This is what I have in my file, this is a small example of what is doing and you will see that the scroll bar is not moving. And like I said that is exactly how it is in my site. Thank you for your help.

Hm… Strange it is… I cannot get it working with loadVariablesNum() function… I don’t have problem doing the same thing with LoadVars() object though… See if you can use this…

//loadVariablesNum("scrolltext.txt", 0);

myLVs = new LoadVars();
myLVs.onLoad = function(success)
	InstanceName_0.text = myLVs.scrolltxt;

Just commented out your loadVariablesNum() function and added LoadVars() code… See if that solves your problem… Strange… Hm…

is very strange but is working fine the way you told me…I will keep the way that you show me, I really thankful since I was figthing with this problem for over a month and thanks to you I can solve. Thanks again.

Sorry to keep bothering you but I was trying to do the same thing with another file and it didn’t work on this one since is a little bit different. On this example is the same that I have in another file and this one it brings links instade of static text and when I do it it bring the whole text as static text no more as a link. Is there another setting for this kind of issue? Example attached


Two things you have to check since this one deals with HTML code in the text field…

  1. Make sure you select ‘Render text as HTML’ in the text field property… It’s in between the ‘Selectable’ and ‘Show Border Around Text’ options…

  2. Code

myLVs = new LoadVars();
myLVs.onLoad = function(success)
    InstanceName_0.html = true;
    InstanceName_0.htmlText = myLVs.mainrpt;

Do you see the difference??? The first line that goes with setting the html to true is to do the ‘Render text as HTML’ with script… You don’t have to have this since you already clicked the button on the step 1, but it won’t hurt to do it again, right??? and you have to set htmlText property to be your text, not the text property…

Now I got it, I’m still learning and thank you for your help I don’t think I would solve it by myself, at least not yet 'till I learn more.
Thanks a bunch…

No problem… Drop by anytime… :wink: