Scrollable Text with Text and Image

I made a Scrollabele Text using the following Steps :

Making a scrollable text box. So you wanna learn how to make text scroll. Well its actually quite simple. Follow these easy to follow steps:
Clicked on the text tool.
Dragged out a text box.
In the properties are set the textbox to a dynamic text box then set the instance name to ‘scrolltext’
Made two buttons
code to the button thats going to make it go up:

on (release) {
scrolltext.scroll -= 1;
on (release) {
scrolltext.scroll += 1;

right-clicked on the “Dynamic text box” and selected scrollable.

**Now my prolem is : **

what is to be done to add an image in the text box some where in the last line… can i make use of HTMl Tages like <img src> …

no u can’t
for scrolling images (n dynamic text contains text), u can use scrollpane
convert your image to movieclip, give it an instance name
open component panel (Ctrl+F7 or menu window/component), drag scrollpane to your movieclip, and set the instance name as scroll content variable (parameter in properties panel)

can u explain more in detail… preferabaly step by step…


mine is flash MX

  1. insert new symbol (Ctrl+F8), check “movie clip” ==> flash named it “symbol1” in library
  2. in the movie clip, make a text box. type your texts here
  3. insert new layer, and place in your image there (u can import a jpeg image)
  4. in the library panel, right click “symbol1”, and click “linkage”, then check “export for actionscript” and change the name of identifier as “content” (default name is library’s name ==> symbol1)
  5. back to root stage (scene 1)
  6. open component panel (window/component or Ctrl+F7)
  7. drag “ScrollPane” to the empty stage
  8. in the component property panel, set “ScrollContent” parameter to your identifier, in this case is “content”. (horizontal scroll=auto, vertical scroll=auto, drag content=false)
  9. still in the component property panel, change width or heigth your component to meet your content dimension
  10. preview
  11. done

thanx a lot… it did work…