How to add Images into a dynamic text box?

I am having troubles on adding images to my scrolling dynamic text boxes…\r\rI used the Flash MX component Scroll bar, and I cant seem to add images to the box so that the images will scroll down along with the text…any ideas guys?\r\rthanks\r\rKazuma

i don’t think it can be done…\r\rbut you could scroll an MC with the text and images in it… \r\rCheerio’\rb…

how do u scroll a movieclip?\r

change it’s _y property and mask it, so only a part shows

You can try and use the ScrollPane component instead.\r\rpom 0]

I actually tried using the scroll pane…but when I drag it on to the movie clip, it wouldnt work…is there a certain way to do it? I even checked macromedia help to get some help on this, but it wasnt much help at all for someone new to flash…so if you know a tutorial or if you know how to use scroll pane properly, please let me know\r\rkazuma

Well, Macromedia says it’s drag and drop, but it doesn’t look like it. All I could do is load a jpg in an empty scroll pane :frowning: (using FScrollPane.loadScrollContent). If someone knows how to do that…\r\rpom 0]