Scrollbar colour

is it possible to change the colour of the actual rectangular scroll bar and the arrows on it and everything to match site scemes??? HELP!!! this thing can be real frustrating…l8rs -sam

Well its a movie clip so all you have to do is give it a tint to whatever color you want…have fun!

You can also use style sheets (you’re talking about the component, right ?). I’m trying to do a tutorial about that at the moment. In a couple of days, maybe…

pom :asian:


Yes, I have changed the color but how can I change the thickness I have see some scroll bars very thin and they look more sophisticated then the thick ones in the components

ummmm…dose anybody know the html code to make the scroll bar a differant color? i wanted to know so i could incoperate it into my site thats now going to be comming along.:ninja: :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check the FStyleFormat object in the Actionscript Dictionnary. Plenty to eat there…

pom :asian: