Scrollbar component and dynamic text

I’m trying to load a dynamic text file using PHP/MySQL into a dynamic text box and I’ve hit a bit of a snag.

I originally had issues with escaping certain characters but that has been fixed… now all the text is loading into the text box but I can’t seem to get the scrollbar component in Flash MX to detect the presence of the actual text or variable i guess… If I use an external text file just typed up in notepad and #include it or use loadVariables or a loadVars Object everything works fine… the scrollbar scrolls etc…

However, the system which I am currently building is basically to allow a client to update articles on a webzine of sorts from an admin section which they can access on the server… and of course after I get everything server side working… I end up with scrollbars that don’t scroll… I’m baffled…

Has anyone ever encountered this before?? If so I would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions… at this point the only thing I’m sure of is that it is a Flash issue and not a PHP issue since everything loads perfectly but the component is just not listening…


not being a php regular user myself this is gonna be basic have u tried the tutorial that is sumwhere on kirupa in the flash mx tutes might give u sum idea on how to use php with it also i dont know if the scrollbar component actually works with php when u do it in notpad it will be for instance
wot u want to appear here

add this to the keyframe that the dynamic text box is in and make sure the component snaps to it

the text box var must be named textbox if u see the bottom line and the txt file must be like new.txt as it is here

loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
		scroller.text = this.textbox;


if this doesnt work then hopefully sum1 who knows more about php will answer i am a component guy myself


forget the

 signs in the actionscript i ****ed up the post just use it in between them