Scrollbar Component not functioning

Hello!\r\rI am currently trying to get the flash MX scrollbar component to work properly with my flash movie. Thus far, I have been so frustrated I’ve been looking around for tutes to make one myself (hope they shows you how frustrated I am here).\r\rIn my current flash movie, when I drag the scrollbar component onto my text field which exists at the root level of my movie it loads just as if it were placed next to nothing; basically it’s not resizing to the textbox’s size like it is supposed to.\r\rI try this in other flash movies and the scrollbar resizes properly – but just not in mine.\r\rI have thrown out my flash ui component folder many times – perhaps there are remains of the component in other places and they are hampering my efforts?\r\rAny suggestions?\r\rI have not registered yet, but I shall.\r\rIn the meantime you can contact me at [email protected]\r\rThank you all in advance.

In the tutorial section :…roller.asp\r\rpom 0]

Thanks ilyaslamasse for not answering my question!\r"…basically it’s not resizing to the textbox’s size like it is supposed to."\r\rAnyhow, if anyone knows why the ScrollBar component selectively resizes from one flash movie to another – I would really like to hear what you have to say!\r\rI will try and be a little more descriptive:\r\rWhen I drag the component scrollbar into the stage, next to or just onto (I have tried many locations) the textbox, thescrollbar will not resize to the size of the box (resize the way ilyaslamasse’s suggested tutorial indicates). HOWEVER, the scrollbar DOES associate itself with the textbox in it’s parameters.\r\rSo what’s up with this?

Yose,\r\rI was having the same exact problem, but even within the same movie!!! I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers the stupidity, so in the meanwhile, I’m afraid we’ll have to resort to manually adjusting the scrollbar’s properties :frowning: On the bright side, at least it is recognizing what it’s supposed to scroll :slight_smile: