Scrollbar conundrum, help needed

dear all.

i have tried to get the scrollbar tutorial ( working on my page (
it is wonderfully written and guides you all the way through it. so even i, being a newbie, managed to get the idea.
it works like a charm with the mask over the movieclip-turned text. names can be scrolled up and down. great.
bummer, though, that every name has a button assigned to it, and this very button is not playing along, i.e. the buttons stay put whilst the names move. so, provided you scroll all the way down and click on the last name you actually click on the name of the last button in the mask’S window and not the last name in your contentMain instance.
difficult to explain with my english, sorry.
you can see the problem here, when you open up “series” …

any help would be appreciated.

happy holidays and thanks for reading