Weird problem with scrollbar

Hello all…

So I created a movieclip called “products_mc”…

On frame 1 of the movieclip, I have a navigation menu with 6 items each linking to a different frame, with each frame having its own dynamic text box attached to a UI Scrollbar from the Components window. I also have a link on the bottom called “gotohome” which returns the user back to frame 1.

Frame 1 is labeled as “home”, and Frame 10 is labeled as “lbuii”…

On one of the items on Frame 1, I have:

on (release) {

So I test the movie. This is where the weird part happens. If I click on the item that jumps me to the Frame “lbuii” (where there is a dynamically loaded text box), it will jump me to the frame where the text is loading (which is fine).

However, the scrollbar - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For example, the first time I run it, if I click on the item it will take me to the frame but the arrows for the scrollbar aren’t appearing. Now if I close it, and run it again, it will be there now. Or, if I click on the “gotohome” button which jumps me to frame 1, and then re-click on the item that jumps me to Frame 10, all of a sudden the arrows are appearing.

The only other additional code I have is on Frame 1:“themeColor”, “haloBlue”) - to set the color.

I’m working in Flash 8, exporting in Actionscript 2.0 and yes I have the scrollbar targeting the textbox (in the parameters field).

Hopefully, someone will be able to help.