Scrollbar/pane help!

I did some customizing with the scroll bar. When I use it with dynamic or input text, the results are good. When I use it with a scrollpane component, there are problems. My questions are:

  1. with the text: is there an alternative to white background for text? I can’t locate how to change that.

  2. The graphic scrolls left and right, but not down… and not really up. The “customized” scrollbars seem joined and missing the down arrow. That is, it’s like a 3 point backwards L shaped bar with up, right and left arrows and NO down arrow.(the down was present in the scrollbar with text.

  3. The area of the scrolled picture exceeds the placement of the scrollbars. That is, the scrollbars appear to be set into the picture (when the movie is tested). I did create them “thinner” than the standard ones. Is that why? How can I fix all this?

I tried attaching the file but it’s too big… …:frowning: