Scrollbars In Dynamic Text boxes

How do i make my scroll bar work in a dynamic text box. Everything but it works, and its p*ssing me off!!
thanx for ne and everyones help!!

Maybe this tutorial will help.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that dynamic text boxes need an instance name. That cost me a couple of hours…

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**Maybe this tutorial will help. **

Thanks for the help. I cant get it to work tho! Oh well I’ll figure it out tonight. :trout:

that thread might help too…

thanx for the help peeps! LOL i got it. The file.txt i had didnt go like the tutorial told me it went textfield=blah blah blah, when it was suppose to be kirupatext=blah blah blah.

simple problem, and i fixed it in about 20 min when my friend spent almost an hour and 15 min on it :beam: