Scrolling a div

I would like to create two links which act as a scroll-up and scroll-down commands for a div. At the moment this is what i tried:

<div id="scroll">
    <a href=#  onmouseover="javascript:scroll(tekst, -50)" onmouseout="stopscroll()" ><img src="images/p_gor.png" /></a>
    <a href=#  onmouseover="javascript:scroll(tekst, 50)" onmouseout="stopscroll()" ><img src="images/p_dol.png"/></a>


function scroll(objekt, kol){
        scrollDelay = setTimeout('scroll', 100);

function stopScroll(){

but i dont know how to reference a div as an object to be scrolled. I tried calling it by using a CSS id and giving it a name but nothing worked.
Any suggestions?