Scrolling content from a different frame

Hello people!
I really need your help!

The scenario is:
An HTML frameset with 2 frames. I need to create a button in Actionscript 3 (and put it in the top frame) in order to scroll down the content of the main frame. I thought of Javascript. I end up writing a script that works but when I call the Javascript function in Actionscript nothing happens. Maybe a silly mistake maybe not…

If you want to test it, download my files:

My source code is:

The Javascript in the html of the top frame:

  function pageScrollDn() 
     timeID = setTimeout('pageScrollDn()',100);  
  function stopScroll()  

The actionscript for the button:

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, pageScrollDn);
  button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, stopScroll);
  function pageScrollDn(e:MouseEvent):void{"pageScrollDn");
  function stopScroll(e:MouseEvent):void{"stopScroll");

I would really appreciate any ideas…