Scrolling external SWF without ScrollPane


i am creating a flash website. the content will be created in 10 external SWF files per section, and these external SWF files will be loaded into the index movie. i was able to use the tutorials on this site to create a normal scrollbar that scrolls a movie clip with the content, however when i load an external SWF into the empty “container” movie clip it does not scroll… i imagine this is because it does not know the size of the external SWF file.

is there someway i can make the movie clip adapt the size of the external SWF file so the actionscript for the scroll bar knows how big the movie clip “container” is? (does my wording make sense?)

in a sentence: i created a scrollbar (with this site’s tutorial) and i want it to scroll an external SWF, not an interal movie clip.

thanks in advance!