Scrolling image line


I have 600 width scrolling line. In this 600 px can be seen 5 pictures. Scrolling line has 2 buttons (forward and back).
If I pressed forward button all line is scrolling per one image to right, in and if i press back, line is scrolling (per one image) back.
So this thing i have done.
Now the problem is:
when i’m scrolling to right, and reaching last image, i cann’t see the first one again (or if i’m scrolling back, and reaching the first image, i cann’t scroll again, because i won’t see the last one).
So the main idea is to make loop.
How can i release this?

I have attached simple fla file, where i have released scrolling line without loop…
Maybe anyone will help me? :slight_smile:
I would be really grateful.


Sorry, i forgot to attach images containing this line…
Maybe it would be easier to see the problem.