Scrolling image tutorial?

Hi, \rI’ve found this source (see link below…the animation) and I want to know how it works and how to customise it. Does anyone know of a tutorial for this or anything similar creating the same effect. \r\…D=28.topic\r\rCheers :-)\r\rPaul

I have another file, but what’s wrong with this one ?\r\rpom 0]

I did the same with images. And I understand why you don’t like the fla :smiley: \…eMenu2.fla\rSupra loves prototypes and attachMovie, so everything gets confused if you don’t know what they mean. Basically, it’s just a function.\rAnd if you want to know how to use attachMovie, take a look at the Drawing Board tutorial for Flash 5 there [url=“”]…flash5.asp\r\rpom 0]

Thanks for the reply pom…\rYou’ve given me a link to which is great I’ll have a look once I’ve finished writing this. \rWill this show me how to to do the scrolling bar with images like you’ve done with the numbers? I must admit I’m quite new to flash so I need some friendly nudging in the right direction. ;-)\rIs attachmovie a function? should learn that and apply it to the scroll menu??\rAhh confused!\rPaul\r\r\r\r

Man, that’s pretty advanced Actionscript to tell you the truth. Why don’t you try more affordable effects first ? When you’re ready, you can try my menu tutorials here…ragger.asp and here [url=“”]…ngmenu.asp Then you will be a master Jedi and that menu will be a trifle for you…\r\rpom 0]

um, pom, last i checked, numbers began count on 1. i’m tellin ya, it’s that wine and croissants he has for breakfast…

:rollin: Yeah, I know, but for some reason the 1 got smashed by my code. I’d have to find out why.\r\rpom 0]

is there a tutorial out there specific to scrolling images? I downloaded the source, but without some explanations, I´ll won´t be able to understand how it works.

hi…\r\rI asked the same question earlier this week, I found the scrolling menu, downloaded it but it had no explanations or tutorials. I’ve been given some information about it which I’ve followed and after alot of work has actually worked. its still very loose and needs work but I can give you info I’ve got. I’ve changed it hopefully to make more sense.\r\rStart with this:\rIn frame 1 of layer 1 place the action below (cut and paste):\r\rMovieClip.prototype.scrollx = function(){\r var spd = (200-_root._xmouse)/20;\r x += spd;\r if(x < 50){ x += 300; }\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp if(x > 350){ x -= 300; }\r _x=x;\r}\r\r\rMovieClip.prototype.init = function(){\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp x = _x;\r}\r\rfor(i=1;i<5;i++){\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _root.clip.attachMovie(“item”+i,“m”+i,i);\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp var mc = _root.clip[“m”+i];\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp mc.x = i*100;\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp mc._y = 25;\r}\r \r\r\rThis makes it scroll and makes changes to the speed etc. (don’t change it yet…wait untill the end to play around with it)\rThen import an image and turn it into a movieclip (f:cool: select it (click once on the image) and put this code in the actions box:\r\ronClipEvent(load){ x = _x;};\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){ scrollx(); };\r\rWhen I did it I found the onclipevent (in the actions list)and ticked the (load) option then I cut and paste after the { \r\rx = _x;\r \rThen click on the onclipevent again this time tick (enterframe) and then cut and paste\r\rscrollx();\r\r\rThe first bit initialises x in the clip, and the second makes it execute scrollx() on every frame.\rDo this three times with three images to get the idea and place them in a row next to each other. \rThat should work, something should happen at least!\rThen go back to the layer 1 actions and mess around with the values…you’ll understand what they do then.\r\rAny problems or ideas email me because I’m new too!!\r\rGood luck Paul \r[email protected]

The basis is that scrollx prototype. Let’s see how it works :

 MovieClip.prototype.scrollx = function(){\r\r  var spd = (200-_root._xmouse)/20;\r\r  // The motion is relative to the mouse. 200 is the center of the scene.\r\r  // Si if the _x position of the mouse > 200, the movie clip will go left...\r\r\r\r  x += spd;\r\r  // x is a temporary variable relative to the x position\r\r\r\r  if(x < 50){ x += 300; }\r\r  // if the object is out of bounds, we take it to the other end of the movie\r\r\r\r  if(x > 350){ x -= 300; }\r\r  // same the other way around\r\r\r\r  _x=x;\r\r  // We position the clip properly\r\r}

After this, it’s a walk in the park…\r\rpom 0]