Scrolling images

Could anyone please tell me how to create the image scroller like the one on

When you click an image number it shoots by all the images before it and then stops at the image number you selected.

If you could point me to a tutorial or give me some advice it would be much appreciated.



not too difficult… (hope you have a pc, because its a zip file containing the .fla file)

if you use mac, or have problems let me know and then i can e-mail you the fla file.

download that file… see if it my comments help you. if you still get stuck i’ll be glad to explain the process to you.

my e-mail = [email protected]
(please be clear in the subject line… i get a lot of junk mail… if i don’t know the e-mail and the subject don’t make sense then i normally trash the mail… maybe just mention kirupa in the subject line then i know)

Thanks very much Markcq, if I have any problems I’ll give you a shout.

i’ll be online for a little bit more… if you miss me you might have to wait till tomorrow hehehe.

you can also message me with yahoo messenger… [email protected]


Any other sample suggestions are very welcome!

I can’t remeber where I got this from… but its pretty easy to edit.
Just right click on it, and edit.

the contents pages are to the right - and everything can be scaled pretty easily.


Cheers tobydog :slight_smile: