Scrolling long writings

i have a text, a long one. I assigned a scrollbar from the flash’s own objects when i press the down button, it only shows a little part of text but the rest, i cannot see. How can i fix it?

Is your textbox dynamic or static? You used the scrollbar component yes? Did you check to make sure in the scrollbar properties that it corresponds to the name of your textbox? Are you using an instance name or a variable name for the textbox?

I am using an instance name,
By the way, happy birthday everyone. (We entered in turkey by now)

can you post your fla? It’s hard to trouble shoot without being able to poke at it. :slight_smile:

It is too much size.
Ok i’ll try to tell better
When i assign scrollbar to a dynamic text, it just scrolls till 10th or 11th line of text, it doesnt scroll the rest. Hope you understood