Creating dynamic scrollable text

How do you create dynamic scrollable text?, even if I select scrollable I still don’t get a scrolbar, so I have to select the text and drag it down.
So how do you get the bar in the text?

Just use the scrollbar component in flash.

Once you drop it on the stage open up properties then go to parameters and type in the name of your text area you want to scroll. viola it works.


I think I did thad.

the instance name of the textfield is “vak”
So the scrolbar component target textfield I olso fill in “vak”
but thad did not work

should work unless you put the text area in a movieclip or graphic or vice versa with the scroller.

if you did that then you would have to put the scrollbar in the same graphic or MC. or you could just target it by using the proper path. ie: myMovieclip.textArea

I can’t get it to work

so: I create a dynamic text and give the textbox an instance name “vak” then I drag a scrollbar on the screen (thesame layer)
then i go to property’s of the scrollbar and fill in:Target textfield : “vak”

And it dos not work!!
What am I doing wrong?

I have no idea… want me to send you a file that is working on my system and you can take a look at it?


yes pleace, thad would help me.