Scrolling menu II

Hi, I would really appreciate anyone’s help with this problem.

onClipEvent (load) {
xcenter = 625;
speed = 1/10;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
var distance = _root._xmouse-xcenter;
_x += (distance*speed);
if (_x>0) {
_x = -1428.9;
if (_x<-1428.9) {
_x = 0;

That works fine for me, but how do I make the buttons to work…

on (release) {
gotoAndStop(“abc”, 100);

Buttons don´t work when the menu is scrolling??? thanks for any advice!!



kel… wha!!!

And it doesn’t work because of the method you are using to go to a frame. It seems to me that you are targeting a scene to play here.

Well you can only target scenes through buttons or actions on the main timeline only. Since your buttons are inside clips, it will not work.

A workaround would be to give that frame a frame label (right click on the frame and open the properties), and then use a

gotoAndStop(“frameLabelName”); (double quotes required)

hey there!! I also try that (“framelabelname”) and the same thing happens… how should the actions in each button be or what so that they work inside a movie clip ?? thanks anyway… I´ll keep trying

Try using _root.gotoAndStop(“frameLabelName”)

Sorry, I didn’t realize I forgot to add the _root. That tells it to go to the main timeline.

If that doesn’t work, can you post your .fla?

YEAH!!! that´s it!!! thanks a lot!!! its working 100%

Hehe cool, sorry for the slip up :slight_smile: