Scrolling pictures

Basically what I’m trying to do is have something like the infinite menu but with pictures, and i want them to scroll continuously in one direction at one speed. not based on the mouse like in the infinite menu tutorial.

an example is here:

also, if anyone knows, in this same example, how are they getting the picture to be normal and then distorted/blown up and then come out the other side normal again?

thanks so much!!

it is most likely 2 different scrolling movies one with the blown up pics and one with the normal pics, they jst timed them so they match.

ok, that makes sense. but i can’t do either without knowing how to make the pictures scroll continuously! any ideas?

Oops sorry I only looked for the question mark…let me dig up and example file real quick you can tear it apart and figure it out.
this is the file it was too large to upload