Scrolling text on rollover

In the tutorial for Flash 5 it shows how to do a scrolling text box on clicks, the script is for press and release. I am trying to figure out how to do it on a rollover rather than a press or a click. Can someone help me?
Here is the tutorial:


It should simply be a matter of going into the ActionScript for the Up and Down arrows, and changing the

on (press)

line to read

on (rollOver)

That should fix it. If you’re in Normal editing mode, the options will appear at the bottom of the coding pop up, leaving you to tick the ones you want.

actually no, that wont work. I think she wants continueous scrolling while the mouse is over it. If she did it your way, it’ll just go up or down by 1. Here’s what you do. Create a movie clip with 3 frames on it. The first is a blank keyframe with a stop command. The second contains the code that tells the flash to +or-1 to the position of the text. The last frame tells the movie clip to go to frame 2 therefor repeating the process. All you have to do now is get the right targetting and you’re set. When your mouse rolls over the button, it activates the movieclip which keeps looping until rollout. There you go, hope this helps.