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hi there! I’m new to the board so if this question is repeat please forgive it. I have created a scrolling text for a client who initially wanted a click per line scroll. Now they want a mouseover continuous scroll. I have the text as a movie clip with actions of go to and play next frame and go to and play previous frame. Is there an action I can add to make it continuous on rollover? As it is now I have to rollout and over each time i want to scroll a line. I don’t know how to redo it otherwise…
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2 frame loop, 2nd frame sends back to first to update, first frame checks the rollover.

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How do you get the matrex look on your demo
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Sorry Mike, I was outta town for a week, just got back to check all the posts…send me a mail to [email protected]
with your mail and I’ll send you the fla, you’ll get the other FX as well…


here’s a method that scrolls continuosly on a mouseover. it shouldn’t be to difficult to modify it to work with a mouse press instead.

i think just changing the mouse events, “rollover” to “press” and “rollout” to “release” should do the trick.

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Please can you help Ive tryed in my mind to explain what I want, but it looks like I can’t, so if you go to this site it will explain better as it has visuals

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