Scrollpane component

Okay, here’s the problem…
I have text (newsitems) loaded in from a database into a dynamic textfield inside a movieclip-symbol. and each item is loaded into a different duplicate of the movieclip.

If I want to use the scrollpane component to scroll my dynamically created movieclip (with each time a different height) how do I do that?


maybe i’m wrong but doesn’t the scrollbar component in Flash MX get the bounds for the movieClip each time it loads?

so if you apply the scrollbar to a symbol that contains your dynamic text from the database then it should expand or contract to fit.

here is the scrollbar tutorial from the tutorials section of this site.

hope this helps

this is a very rough and non-layouted version of what I’m talking about. I already found a solution for my problem (refreshing the scrollpane each time new data gets loaded…). So you see it’s not scrollbars on each textfield that I needed.

I think I don’t really make myself clear here, but thanks alot for making an effort anyway.