Scrollpane + duplicateMovieClip

I have a scrollpane on the stage named “scrol”
its contentPath in properties = “ring0”

This loads the movie into the scrollpane fine.


I have a movie on the stage named “ring0”

This code duplicates “ring0” accross the stage fine.

 posx = (325.6+5); 
for(i=1; i<10; i++){
duplicateMovieClip("ring0", "ring"+i, i);
eval("ring"+i)._x =posx;
posx = posx + (325.6+5);


However I want the movie “ring0” in the scrollpane to duplicate so that the scrollpane grows to accomidate it.

Anyone have an idea on how to do this ?


OK i figured out how to do it…

I made a “box” movie… inside the “box” I duplicated the “ring”

Then I loaded the “box” into the scrollpane…

If this can be done without the box then do tell as I hate adding extra steps when not needed.