Scrollpane not working when loaded into another swf

Hi guys,
Got an annoying one. I have a nice scrollpane with easing that works fine until it is loaded into another swf - when i do the scroll action stops working.
I have tried the _lockroot action but this stops it working on its own and when loaded.

Been really pulling my hair on this one so any help is appreciated.

This is the code: (i have tried changing the _root references to ‘this’ but no joy.

scrollbar.onMouseDown = function() {
if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse) && txt._height>mask._height) {
this.startDrag(false, scrollbarBG._x, scrollbarBG._y, scrollbarBG._x, scrollbarBG._height-this._height)
txt.onEnterFrame = scrollThumbs;
dragging = true
scrollbar.onMouseUp = function() {
dragging = false
delete this.onEnterFrame;
function scrollThumbs() {

var funkyVar = -this._parent.scrollbar._y*(((this._height-this._parent.scrollbar._height)/(this._parent.scrollbarBG._height-this._parent.scrollbar._height))-1)
this.Y = (funkyVar-this._y)*.2;
this._y += this.Y;
if(Math.abs(funkyVar-this._y)<1 && !dragging){
	delete this.onEnterFrame