Scrollpane problems

Hello all, I’m a relative newcomer to AS2.0, and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to work out why a particular flash problem occurs.

Basically, I try to load a swf file into a scrollPane component, and by using the getBytesTotal and getBytesLoaded, I trigger the scrollpane to display the newly loaded swf; relatively easy, however, when I run the script, there’s a brief momentary flash before the movie is displayed. Now, what is also happening, is I’m running a trace on the getBytesTotal, and it is not even close to the actual size of the swf I’m loading- in fact, it’s a lot smaller.

So in short, I’m wondering if it’s getting another value elsewhere and rolling the movie prematurely, but what I can’t understand is that after the flash, the proper swf is there, acting like nothing happened…

To see the movie, here’s the link , and to download the fla’s, [URL=]click here. Click on ‘male’, ‘female’ or contact, when the white bar comes down, then rises, whack- there’s the white flash; any ideas or comments graciously accepted… Thanks for any help!