Scrollpane trouble

Any ideas how i can get rid of scrollpane border or at least match it to the background colour so appears invisible. Also when loading external swf’s i can’t get the preloader on them to work, i’ve set each seperate swf with a preloader in scenes which work fine on there own, but when loaded into the scrollpane the preloader does’nt appear, just a blank till the main swf loads.

i’m pretty new at flash so would appreciate any help, i’ve spent ages getting my new site this far and just need to get past these obstacles,

thanks for any help

Welcome to kirupa forum, theThirdPie. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could set its [font=courier new]_visible[/font] property to [font=courier new]false[/font]:

ScrollPane.border_mc._visible = false;

And what’s the code you’re using for the preloader?

thanks for that, i’ll give it a go.

i’m loadinf sepearet swf’s into the scrollpane for news, images etc. i set up the seperate pages to have a preloader scene with the following code on a 2 frame movie (this is on frame 1):

if (_framesloaded>=_totalframes) {
} else {

and then on frame 2:


were images is the preloader and images2 is the main movie. when i play it by itslef its fine, loader works great, but when i’ve set it up to load into the scrollpane from a button its just blank until the actual main images2 loads, no loader to be seen at all.

thanks for your help, i’ve been struggling for weeks to make my **** site work, think i’ll get my trusty zx81 out and start coding on that :run:

Uhmm… try using a frame label instead of the scene name and frame number. :slight_smile:

I’m trying a different approach with this site now. I’ve setup a progressbar component on the page linked to the scrollpane. The progressbar is set to polled and the source is the instance name of the scrollpane. this works fine when i load the first swf into the scrollpane but i need to know how to reset the progressbar after its completed loading. Also i’ve managed to make the progressbar only become visible when the button is pressed so i also need to knowhow to get it invisible again once the swf has loaded.

thanks for all your help on this, its most appreciated

well with a bit of “frankenstein” style code i’ve got the progressbar to appear and dissapear when the movies loads, now all i need to do is work out how to reset the progressbar to 0% once the movies loaded, any ideas?

var my_listener = new Object();
my_listener.progress = function(event_obj) {
	var completed =;
	var total =;
	my_bar.setProgress(completed, total);
	my_bar._visible = true;
my_listener.complete = function() {
	my_bar._visible = false;
my_pane.addEventListener("progress", my_listener);
my_pane.addEventListener("complete", my_listener);
my_bar.mode = "manual";

Where my_pane is the instance name of the ScrollPane component, and my_bar is the instance name of the ProgressBar component. :wink:

You are a great, great, great person, thanks so much for that, i’ve spent the last two days trying to get it to work and your piece of code did the trick,

can’t thank you enough for that, you’ve saved me many hours of swearing at flash :slight_smile:

… Wasn’t it easy? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome. :beam:

kode is koding AS2…where’s the world going, great ONE?
lol, good job.

Hehe - Thanks, eyez. :wink: