"Search" button through dynamic text

Hi flashers!

I’m developing a Flash web-site for a friend, and I’m using dynamic text imported from a txt file. He asked me to include a “Search” button in order to find the required words through the different sections of the website.
It seems to be a bit difficult for my AS-knowledge, however I’d like to know if anybody has already passed through this situation so that I can be given some clues on how to do it.
The website itself has 10 sections with different information which is dynamically loaded from a text file.
The main questions are:
1- Can it be done without using PHP, ASP, XML or other SSL’s? (I know nothing about them all… :blush: )
2- How do I tell Flash (in AS) to find an specific chain through a plain text file?
3- How should I associate the found text with a certain page? I mean, if the word “Mouse” has been found 2 times in page 1 and 3 times in page 6, how do I stablish a link for every exact location?

If anyone has already developed a similar thing, I’d be really glad if some hints were given (or even a small example, anything will help me for sure as I’m completely lost with this…)

Thank you very much!
Best regards,