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When doing a search in a search engine, how do i set the information that comes like if you search for kirupa in google you get this - Shocked Flash Resource for Tutorials, Downloads, …
… FP2002: ABG by kirupa :: more info sample chapter order online. … NEW TUTORIALS: FlixPro Review Read my (Kirupa) take on the latest version of Wildform Flix. …
Description: An online Flash resource that provides useful tutorials, links, downloads, and support for all levels…
Category: Computers > Multimedia > Flash and Shockwave > Resources - 46k - Cached - Similar pages

I cant seem to get that info to come even though i added all the meta description and name and keywords…maybe google hasnt crawled it yet?

It works for me. It displays the info I have in my META tags.

really…okie dokie…maybe crawlers take longer

Took a couple weeks for me.

yea i read an article by Phil regarding Contact

Make it easy to find. And make sure they can contact you. Most of the time it doesn’t matter if they don’t get a return mail, but if they want to write you and cannot it is a turnoff. Also, unless you want to end up having your email box ruined, find the javascript available as open source and hide your mailto:'s, so they cannot be spidered.

i wonder if anyone can tell me how to do that, how to hide mailto:'s

Hmmm, I don’t know how to hide mailto: links, except to use them in a form with cgi or php.

I never really looked into that though because my site e-mail is something completely different from my regular e-mail so if it gets spammed I could care less.

I just use a filter. If you take a few days setting a good bunch of filter settings, even the most basic one will get rid of the unmanagable majority.

not that that’s an answer to the question or anything… just what I’ve found easiest so far. I get about 10 peices of spam a day through the system, and 8 out of those 10 were junk mail that I really did request, and wish to see, like acid updates and such.

you mean filter in my own email program right?

BTW is it just me or can anyone else not see davids footer?

His footer is just text.

roflmao. Yup… just text. Why should I bog down this place with a footer which will just be repeated over and over again. I’ll save the flash for my site; least that’s how I feel these days.(it’s actually just that I got bored with what I had and I haven’t finished my new footer yet.)


the filter is actually on my server.

I have three email addresses at my server dhaisley upuaut and administrator. the filter for administrator filters out almost everything, which is actually screwed up right now from what I want it to do… The problem with it is that it’s the default email address. So when I reply to people, it automaticaly sends it using that return address, which is not what I want. I want it to return the upuaut address. Administrator, once I have it set correctly, will only keep mail in it which has certain subject lines that I devise and have on my homepage under the “contact” links. If any of those phrases are different, it chucks the mail.
My dhaisley address chucks everything that isn’t from a predefined list of friends and family. That one is easy to update, and stays very clean.
upuaut is the most complex of the accounts I guess. It has more filter settings anyway, and allows a lot more through, but even so, it’s not hard to illiminate specific groups of advertisers either.
It’s definitely a task all in itself to go through email, securly and efficiently. I also do NOT register with a lot of search engines. I don’t know if this helps me or not.

I also do NOT register with a lot of search engines. I don’t know if this helps me or not.

It doesn’t help. I didn’t register with any search engines and my site can be found is almost all of them.

Those spider bots are evil, but I don’t mind, gets my site advertised with no effort on my part.

All in just a couple of weeks too. I guess I just got lucky.

the sites get listed easy, register with google and your set, only yahoo has yet to pick it up but rest are picked, how often does it check for updates tho? i forgot the meta stuff first time and now i’m stuck with no description!

It just says not to use mailto:s .

And it gives you an e-mail address to where you acn fwd your spam mail to (proper authorities or something).

It also says if you want you can creating your own spam mailing list, add the names of each one of the spammers that spam you, and send them all the spam mail you get.

But no info about how to hide your mailto: unless I overlooked it.

What a brilliant idea! SEND THE SPAMMERS SPAM! i just might have to do this…then the telemarkets will recieve calls at their offices from me and so on! i think i’m getting hang of this. :evil: