Search engines and frames

I recently published a web-site using frames ( and now would like to register with many of the various search engines. However, I read somewhere that frames and search engines don’t get along well. I also read that there are some options that may assist such as the use of a gateway page, a “no-frames” option, use of creative site-titles, and meta-tags. Please explain. With meta-tags, should I set-up “keywords” and “descriptions” for each page or for the index.htm page only? Frames serve with well for my purpose and I do not want to give them up.

Hey interact,
Yeah, search engines may have some problems with a frames-only site, and worst of all, they usually index the wrong pages such as just the top frame instead of the main frame, etc. I place meta tags with title, description, content, keywords, etc. on ALL the pages on the site. When you are submitting the URL to search engines, provide them with the URL to your main frames page (index.htm), etc. Search engines are intelligent enough to crawl through your links and index anything they find useful.