Search Option question

I am pretty much in the dark about running search features in fully flashed sites. I was wondering if a “flash search option” really searches through your flash files or only through text on the site or… ? Like I said I am totally in the dark. The reason I ask is I have developed an extensive corporate site that has many libraries all within flash, and many of which are flash objects. Also my libs refere to many txt files - so are both of these searchable? Excuse my lack of info… thats why I am here.

I am looking to possibly make a search feature that can look into my flash file as that is where most the keywords and iimpportant points reside.

if you will be searching through html files, variables, text files, etc… the best you can do is use php with flash to handle your searches. That is my opinion. If you’re new to PHP, you may want to find the book phpforflash, although I will warn you that there are some errors in the book.