Searching Won't Work for a Few Hours!

Hey everyone,
I’ll be doing some minor maintenance on the forums, and the search feature won’t work for a few hours :slight_smile: Hopefully what I do will solve some of the searching errors many of you are experiencing.

Kirupa :ub:

THANK YOU!!! I’ve been waiting for some help on that, it never seems to work

So just things like searching and new posts won’t work? But we can still go directly to a forum and view threads?

*tries to keep panic out of voice at thought of not being able to hit the New Posts button every 2 1/2 minutes . . . *

only every two and a half, for me it’s every seven seconds

Lunatic - everything should work, just not well when it comes to search-related things. If you were to search, you may not receive any relevant results because only a few hundred thousand of the posts have been indexed :slight_smile:

wow, how many posts are there?

edit: never mind, found it, about 500,000!

530,000+ or so according to the main forums’ summary page.

[size=1]EDIT: 527,000 (not factoring in deletes, moves, merges, etc.)[/size]

yep, I found it

:stuck_out_tongue: Well, I didn’t want to look like TOO much of a junkie! quickly hits New Posts button


Ok - since this is a slow day, I think it’s time for me to edit the search features one more time :slight_smile:

Searching won’t work for a few hours! Everything should work again by 4PM CST.

CST or CDT? (I thought people were on daylight savings time now)

CST = Central Standard Time :inc:

So does that mean that now it is 1:22 for you?

It’s about 2:45 now for me.

The similar thread feature should start to work again for new threads created in about an hour or so. That may provide some useful threads that are similar to what you may have already posted :slight_smile:

Now I’m just really confused about what time I’m in.