Security question with Flash 8 in corporate use

[color=black][font=Arial]At my company we use Flash to develop training materials. The material at the moment is mainly flash movies with liked XML for opening other swfs etc, nothing horribly complicated with some links to websites, etc.[/font][/color]

Right now I’m not horribly concerned with the new Flash 8 security stuff but most of this confuses me. We use flash to access sites outside our domain and going to be added a section where their answers will write to a database.[/font][/color]

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[color=black][font=Arial]The stuff on I was reading gives me the assumption that when you publish files they can have either local access or network access but to have both you have to use global settings or a config file.[/font][/color]

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[color=black][font=Arial]This confuses me a bit to what they mean by accessing local information, what would that mean. I want to proactively figure this out before it causes us any problems.[/font][/color]

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