Seek Simple Project Help

Hi there!
I am really new to Flash MX and I am trying to make a little …uh…thing…hehe

I will try to attatch the .FLA for all to play with but would appreciate some help on finishing it.

Here are the basics of the project:

On the screen is a ‘bag’.
On the bag are the words CLICK ME.
When user clicks on the bag, the words CLICK ME dissapear, and a random colored ‘rock’ comes out.
While the rock is moving out of the bag, and tiny square with rounded edges appears on the right and then grows to a larger box.
(the random colored rock is either blue, black, green, purple, white, orange, or red)

Inside of the expanded square is the word-color of the rock… so if he rock is blue, the word blue appears in that box,

There is a button at the bottom of that box that says AGAIN.
When it is clicked, the button dissapears, the square shrinks and dissapears again, and the rock goes back into the back.

It sounded simple when I started on it, but I have been playing around with it for a few days now and am not getting anywhere.

If there is anyone out there would be nice enough to help me finish this project, I would glady include that persons name in credits when I put the final project on a web site.

The BagTest.fla file I have attatched (I hope) has the bag, the rock, and some attempt at making the bag a button with movement animations and the rounded square thing…

Thank you very much for your time and any help you can offer,