Select specific image in photo gallery

How can I change the sbeener photo gallery (or any other) to jump to a specific image? I will have a separate button for each image in the gallery. I know very little about actionScript. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I figured out how to make the picture change to the specific one that I want. Now I have a related question.
When any one of the images is displayed, I want to be able to click on that image and be taken to a different URL. Each image in the gallery will have it’s own associated URL.
Can anyone help?

Depends how your setup is…
You can make another array wit the url’s in it (eg urlArray)

photo.onRelease = function(){

Probably won’t work, but to give you an idea.
Else post your fla?


Thanks Scotty

I used a global variable for the URL and changed it with each button. I guess I just needed to sleep on it.


I have another question about the photo gallery. I have my gallery set up similarly to the sbeener gallery with a placeholder that shows the images, along with other text and buttons. Now I want to use this gallery in its own swf loaded into my main swf (as in the kirupa total site tutorial). When I click the link to bring up the gallery, only the placeholder shows up. no other text or buttons. (It looks like the placeholder is being used as some sort of trim area.)
Any ideas?

you mean when you click a button the gallery.swf will be loaded into your main movie?

Yes. My main movie is set up just like the kirupa tutorial. When the gallery link is clicked, the gallery swf should load into a blank movie on the main page. My other links work the correct way.

i think the right code therefore is:

  loadMovie("/path/gallery.swf", "placeholdermc");

or isnt that what you meant?

how do you post code in its own box?

I have this for my button:

on (release){

and this works fine for my other links (home, contact…) and it also worked fine for my gallery until I added this sbeener-style photo gallery.


is it possible to post the .fla('s)? makes it a lot easier.

In Sbeener’s code replace all “_root” for “this” :wink:


That was exactly it. Thank you guys so much.
My site is if you want to check it out.


no problem=)
Nice site, one question though, the font in the gallery-description text, is it meant to be Times (I think)?


Thanks. No, the font is called “American Typewriter”. Why do you ask?


some sort of loader would make that site less static i think, I just dont like sitting there and no visuals while loading.

Just wondering:)
I guess it was my paranoia for unembedded fonts:lol: