Selling License... anyone interested?

Hey guys, well I had a good run but I’m not really into Flash anymore, I was curious if anyone here wanted to purchase a cheap Flash MX 2004 license? I was looking on the Macromedia site, it’s not a hassle to transfer, just sign and fax a form.

I’m offering for $250, while Flash 8 Basic is $400. Macromedia does not offer an upgrade from Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8 Basic, not sure why… If you upgrade my license of Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8 Professional your total cost will be $550, but if you buy Flash 8 Professional outright it will be $700, so you’re saving $150 and we all live happily ever after.

This is the only flash site I know so I thought I’d try here first before going to Amazon or something.