Semi-Daily Sketch(7/9-7/11): Live from Channel 4

Semi-Daily Sketch(7/9-7/11): Live from Channel 4
I took this directly from the other forum that does this thing, though I totally forgot the name of the forum. Whoops. So yes, intentional borrowing of ideas.
Still not a contest guys, read the old threads for more information.
No dimmension limits, maybe something TV sized to fit the theme if you want.
Have fun =)

10 minutes in PS

aaw comon this is a re-hash of the cgtalk thread - we could’ve comon up with our own topic…

anyway morse great pic !

mlk, yeah I know it is, but I thought it was a great topic. You can change it to channel 5 if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that are a lot of drawings :P.
You can’t expect one from me because I go on vacantion in a few days so I got no time :frowning:

Yeah this one kind of bombed. I might do one later today. Hopefully tomorrow’s will be more successful.

Please don’t tell me this has fizzeled out, my intuos2 just arrived today :smiley:

I’ll post up a new idea tomorrow. If you have an idea feel free to make the next thread dude!