Semi-Daily Sketch(7/6-7/8): The Creatures in My Head

Everyone should check out and get their creative juices flowing.
This is still not a competetion. If you’re new to this check out one of the older threads to get an idea of what’s going on.
We’ll do the dimmensions at 450px by 300px.

Everyone have fun, be creative!

that site kicks, theres some interesting stuff in here. though i’m afraid to participate in this one. if i get my creative juices back i will though :slight_smile:

My first EVER sketch, done in PS with my mouse, took about 30-40 minutes.

Awesome stuff Adam!

I went for the style like the one on the site.
This took about an hour in photoshop

That’s nice :smiley: I didn’t visit the site :frowning:

**edit, the more I look, the more shading I notice, gj!!

Haha, thanks :slight_smile:

great theme, maybe i post one in a few hours when i got some more time.

I’ll try and spend a bit more time on it later. PS with mouse in about 15 seconds. It’s my duck going on a date.

who’s (s)he dating =)?

And here is mine : Painter ,7 min
Watch out when you put your socks on :smiley:

[color=navy]CHICKMOUS (chicken-mouse)[/color]

I have no idea why! lol
<10 min , photoshop

I am frightened… :smiley:

“Wheels for Heels”


I dunno what I was thinkin’… :beam:


oh, and 15 mins in PS :wink:

Haha, these are all cool. Nice job everyone :thumb:

Ok I was frustrated with other battles so I thought hey this is the perfect theme to release it on COOL! So yah here it is…


DJ that about sums up exactly how I felt today driving to 6 different grocery stores looking for the Thai Peanut Sauce mix that I love… didn’t find it.

Heh heh. Ya I am sooooo frustrated right now. First both sets of MY (my parents have a couple of sets but my mom has the other cam and she is gone) camera batteries are dead and I desperatly need my camera for the Ultimate Battle. Then I have this Webaggedon thing that I can find absolutely no inpiration for. And THEN I have my website that is supposed to be completed this week. And after all this is done I have my WebTeam website to start on. OMG busy level up to 100%+!

Oh and My saturday school crap started today. If I hadn’t had a mentally retarded English teacher (whom I constantly corrected her punuanciations in my head. I got a 24 on my ACT-English score mind you) I wouldn’t be there. Today I got all my assignments finished in no time flat and the teacher was like, " My, you get your stuff done very quickly don’t you." I’m yea I’m a like the other retards in here.

So ya if you can see my frustrations then you will understand why I am the way I am right now.

Make something.

Well heres mine took me about 1min

What does everyone think of my pixel punk by the way? i made him today and it was my first ever pixel drawing…

Dj-Studios - AHAHAHAHA very nice indeed :stuck_out_tongue: expressive.

I’d draw something and 0wn j00 all:esmirk: , but i dont have a graphics tablet… :frowning:

I drew something after I got done with my work today in Saturday school that would own all. But I forgot my notbook.:frowning: