sendAndload problems

Hi all!

I’m having problems with sending informatie to php and retrieving information.
This works:

  • retrieving information from php and storing them with an for loop in an array in flash.
  • Sending an variable from flash to php.
    Now the problem is I want to combine these two things. The variable from flash tells the mysql query in php to get the next group (number 2 instead of number 1). Then flash has to retrieve to new group…
    I think it has to be done with sendAndload() but i just can’t get it to work!
    my code:

sendAantal = new loadVariables();
sendAantal.bla = _global.bla;

randNum = int(Math.random()*100000);
varReceiver = new LoadVars();
varReceiver.bla = _global.bla;
varReceiver.sendAndLoad(“artikelen2.php?”+randNum, sendAantal);

varReceiver.onLoad = function (success){

	for (i = 0;i<4; i++) {
if (this['plaatje'+i] != undefined) {
			materiaal = this['materiaal'+i];

// transfer information in arrays



Does anybody have an idear how to solve this??