LoadVars.sendAndLoad() ... again

I don’t get it to work!
Can’t someone please post a link to a tutorial where I can read about LoadVars.sendAndLoad() so that it will work for me?
I’m getting nuts over here in Sweden… :d:

What I want is to 1) send at least one variable to php, to get php to store it in a mysql db (this i know how to do) and finally 3) select the same variable and send it back to flash.
all this with the sendAndLoad.

I’ve managed to do everything but returning the variable from php to flash!

Please, someone…

*Originally posted by kill.robot.kill *
In the very few tutorials/movies that I have done that used send and load, I had never seen a second LoadVar() declared for the received information, always just one, handling all the outgoing/incoming data. I just wanted to get norie’s take on using two. **

Funny you’ve never seen it. Flash uses the second LoadVars to write data too it received from the script. The first one sends data to the script, the script processes the data and returns data, which is then stored inside the second LoadVars object. That’s how I’ve learned it anyway, and I believe norie is using that too here :slight_smile: